Customers’ Stitching

“The photo gallery is absolutely fantastic, it must make you feel very proud when you see your kits made-up and in various doll’s houses.
I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the houses and now feel inspired to tackle some of the kits I have bought from you in the past. Thanks – G”


Very young girl stitching a dollhouse needlepoint carpet

Is this our youngest stitcher?
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This section features some of my dollshouse needlepoint kit designs in their final homes – be it a doll’s house, twelfth scale room setting, or displayed as a mini work of art in its own right! It’s always a real pleasure to see how the finished embroidery kits turn out – you are all a really talented bunch, and the creative ways that you think up to display the stitching in always impresses me. I love seeing other people’s doll’s house interiors, so, if you have stitched one of our miniature embroidery kits, and would like to see it featured on this page so that other miniaturists can appreciate your creative work, please email me a picture as an attachment (.jpg or.gif)) to

To see the pictures we have collected so far, just click on any of the pictures below.

[Back in 2016, I held a competion. You might like to see the winning pictures,which are here.]

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