Chart Packs

Chart packs

– buy just the design, so you can adapt it however you choose!

Chart packs are ideal if you already have a stash of threads and canvas/gauze of your own to use up, or if you like a particular design, but wish to work the design in different colours, or on a different count of fabric, to that offered in a kit.




The chart packs for the dollshouse carpet, staircarpet and wallhanging designs contain:

  • LARGE SCALE BLACK AND WHITE SYMBOL CHART – computer-generated and easy-to-follow
  • Detailed instructions, including how to work the design using tent stitch, how to hem the edges of your embroidery, how to add the fringe to the carpets, how to finish irregularly-shaped carpets, and how to attach the ‘tabs’ to the wallhanging tops.
  • Suggested thread colours – the same ones as used in the full kits (Appleton’s crewel wool for the carpets; Anchor stranded cotton for the wallhangings), along with thread equivalents for DMC and Madeira
  • Stitch diagrams explaining how to do tent and basketweave stitch (similar to half cross stitch), as well as fringing stitch (which is similar to a cross stitch worked over the edge of the canvas, leaving a series of loops which are later cut to an even length).

Of course, if you choose to work the designs in cross stitch, then with a chart pack, that is an option which is entirely up to you!

Each of these charts is specifically designed for use in one twelfth scale doll’s houses.