Staircarpet kits

Staircarpet kits
Staircarpet kits for one twelfth scale dollshouses – these contain everything you need to make your own miniature needlepoint staircarpet!
All the twelfth-scale staircarpet kits listed below include an easy to follow colour block chart, 18 count canvas, tapestry needle, all the necessary colours of Appletons crewel wool and full instructions, including how to do tent stitch (similar to half cross stitch). The dimensions given are for the design area ONLY, excluding the side hem. Hemming the long sides will add about an eighth of an inch (3mm) on each side to the total dimensions listed.

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Each staircarpet kit contains enough materials to make a staircarpet 20ins. long (50 cm). This is enough for a 15-step flight. The width of each carpet is shown beside each picture.

The pictures below show short sections of each staircarpet, to illustrate the pattern repeats.

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