Helen’s House

"Amy (red)" staircarpet, in Helen's house

Helen, from Dublin, says:


“I have been purchasing a number of kits from you over the last six months and I thought that you might like to see a couple of the finished rooms.

The first one is the hallway staircarpet using the red colourway of “Amy”.

Because of the size of the staircase I stitched a simpler border so that I could bring it in a little at the sides.

I also substituted some of the blue colours for green wool that I had left over from another of your carpets, so that this lower staircarpet would blend better with the tiled flooring – the rest of the carpets use the blue wool.

I have six flights of stairs in the house and am still stitching flight number five.

On the left hand wall is a “Bless this house” sampler, too.”

"Barbara" (green) carpet, chairs and bellpull

“The second photo is of the dining room, where I have included the “Barbara” carpetfour chairs and the bellpull. It is my favourite room so far, and the one of which I am most proud.

Although the overall theme of the house is late Victorian, I based this room on the Georgian print rooms at the great Irish Houses of Castletown and Carton.

Amongst the pictures on the wall are portraits of Irish patriots Theobald Wolfe Tone and Lord Edward Fitzgerald, and images from the Malton prints of Dublin landmarks.”