Deborah N’s House

Deborah sent pictures showing her room with a bellpull and firescreen in the Summer Roses design, and a magnificent big carpet which she created by adapting the “Carole (pastel)” design.

Deborah wrote:

“My house “lives” in the wardrobe and following some post-Xmas DIY, it’s not been accessible to photograph until now.”

Dollhouse room with bellpull, firescreen and carpet

Having asked me if it was alright to have altered one of my designs to suit her room  – to which of course I said it was fine, she wrote back:

“I’m really pleased you like the extended version of the Carole carpet as you could possibly have been offended at the adaptation.  I loved the design and knew it was the one I wanted to use but I really needed it to be larger so had a go and luckily it worked out!”

The adapted "Carole" design, made bigger

It looks great, doesn’t it?