Pole screen kits

The miniature pole screen kits contain:Dollhouse room with pole screen "Spring Flowers"

  • COLOUR BLOCK CHART – computer-generated, easy-to-follow (the fabric is not printed)
  • Detailed instructions, including how to work the kit using tent stitch (which is similar to half cross stitch) and basketweave stitch, how to assemble the wooden stand and how to mount the finished stitching in the circular frame
  • Needle
  • Colour photo on the front of each kit shows how the completed stitching will look
  • Anchor stranded cotton (using one strand)
  • 40 or 32 count silk gauze, depending on the design
  • Mahogany wood parts to make the mini pole screen stand, which simply needs gluing together, and then waxing with mahogany wax (available here)

The completed pole screen measures 5 inches (130 mm) high, and the round frame is 1½ inches (38 mm) in diameter.

Go to the pole screens page in our Needlepoint Kit Store to see the designs.

There is a Free Online Tutorial for the pole screen kits, which shows in detail how to stitch and assemble them.

Contents of a polescreen kit