How to mount silk gauze

How to mount silk gauze for dollhouse needlepoint embroidery


Miniature needlepoint tutorial - silk gauze used in some kits

Several of the types of kit that I have designed are to be worked on silk gauze – usually 32 count. If you have never stitched on a fabric this fine, it can seem daunting at first, but it needn’t be. I recommend that whenever you stitch on silk gauze, you use a card mount to hold the gauze taut, as this helps to keep your stitch tension even, and also makes it quicker to do each stitch. You can get really even, professional-looking results with your very first attempt if you mount the silk gauze, rather than simply hold the silk gauze in your hand.

For each type of miniature needlepoint kit in my range that uses silk gauze, the instruction sheet will tell you the size of the mount that you need to cut, and also the size of the aperture within it. In this tutorial, I will use the silk gauze piece for one of my dining chair kits as an example.

Miniature needlepoint tutorial - silk gauze used in some kits

As well as silk gauze being included in several of our kits, we also sell cut pieces, in various sizes and counts (see the table on the left). All of these are available in our Needlepoint Kit Store.

32 count silk gauze is the easiest one to start with if you haven’t stitched on silk gauze before.

We can also sell pieces cut straight from the roll – please email me for details and prices.


Miniature needlepoint tutorial - silk gauze ready to fix in a card mount

First of all, cut a piece of mount board (such as artists use) or stiff cardboard to the dimensions listed on the relevant instruction sheet. In pencil, mark the size of the aperture centrally on the card. Using a sharp craft knife, and resting on a piece of scrap wood (or something similar, to protect your table!) cut out the hole carefully along the pencil lines.


Miniature needlepoint tutorial - silk gauze stuck with one piece of tape


Cut a length of one inch wide masking tape the length of the longest side of the card mount, then cut it longways in half. Fix one side of the piece of gauze along one long edge of the mount.


Miniature needlepoint tutorial - silk gauze stuck with two pieces of tape



Stick the masking tape along the opposite edge of the silk gauze, and position it carefully in place on the other long edge of the card mount, making sure that the grain of the fabric threads is as straight and square as possible, and that the gauze is pulled taut, before pressing the tape in place firmly on the mount.

Silk gauze mounted on a card



Cut a second piece of masking tape, and again, cut it into two long strips. Fix the two remaining edges of the gauze in place, holding the silk gauze completely taut on the mount.



Miniature needlepoint tutorial - start stitching at the centre of the silk gauze


Although you can choose to have the side with the masking tape on, or the other side, as the ‘front’, I prefer to stitch with the non-taped side as the front, as it is visually ‘cleaner’. I find it helpful to attach the colour block chart that I am working from to the top of the card mount with paperclips, so that it is really quick and easy to count from. Glancing from the silk gauze to the chart in this way is less tiring on your eyes than looking away to a chart placed at a greater distance. When you begin stitching, you now have a tidy, taut silk gauze surface to work on, helping you to create a perfect piece of needlepoint embroidery!

Now that you can see how easy it is to mount silk gauze successfully ready for stitching, why not try out your new-found skills with one of our doll’s house needlepoint kits? The Janet Granger miniature needlepoint kits which use silk gauze include:



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