Needle Minders

Needle minder Cat, needle keeperNeedle minders are clever sewing gadgets that you just can’t do without – they will keep track of your needle for you when you are in the middle of stitching and need to stop for a while.

Have you ever put your needle down and forgotten where you put it? Never lose your needle again – simply place it on one of these magnetic needle minders, and the strong rare earth (neodymium) magnet inside will mean that your needle will ‘stick’ to the needle minder, keeping it safe. The magnets in these needle minders are even strong enough to hold a small pair of scissors.

These needle minders make fantastic gifts for stitching friends! There’s bound to be one on a theme that a friend would love. Each needle minder comes packaged on a card, in a polypropylene bag, ready for gift-giving. Or maybe just treat yourself! Why not collect the set?

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