Make a footstool

How to make a dollshouse needlepoint footstool


Corner of a dollhouse room with a footstool


These elegant miniature footstools are lovely small additions to your doll’s house. They measure one and a quarter inches in diameter, and just three eighths high, including the bun feet. They are to be stitched in tent stitch (similar to half cross stitch) on 28 count evenweave fabric. This means that they are quite quick to do, as you only need to stitch the design detail – the background fabric is left showing, as it is already coloured.

The kits contain an easy-to-assemble mahogany footstool kit, along with the stitching kit.

There are many designs to choose from – most co-ordinate with carpets, bellpulls or cushions, too, if you like the ‘matching look’.


Miniature needlepoint tutorial - contents of a footstool kit



To start with, identify the thread colours using the colour key.



Diagram showing how to do tent stitch



Using tent stitch as indicated on the diagram, start the design in the centre. Remember that one square on the chart equals one stitch, and always use a ‘stabbing’ motion, not a ‘sewing’ one. See the NEEDLEPOINT STITCHES and COUNTING FROM A COLOUR BLOCK CHARTtutorials, if you are new to miniature needlepoint.

Using one strand of thread in the needle, begin each length by knotting one end and taking the needle from the front to the back of the evenweave fabric, about half an inch away from where you intend to start stitching. Stitch towards the knot, securing the underlying thread as you go. Snip the knot off when you reach it. Finish each length by running the needle under a few threads on the back. When the stitching is complete, press it face down over a soft pad such as a towel, using an iron on cool setting, pulling the fabric gently if necessary to get it dead square.

Dollhouse needlepoint tutorial - trim the fabric



Trim the stitched fabric to two inches (5 cm) diameter.

Dollhouse needlepoint tutorial - fold the fabric to the back


Centre the fabric on the mount. Carefully fold the fabric to the back, first in one direction…

Dollhouse needlepoint tutorial - back view, showing fabric folded over

Dollhouse needlepoint tutorial - then fold the rest of the fabric


then at right angles to the first folds.

Dollhouse needlepoint tutorial - all the fabric folded in


Finally, fold the remaining fabric back, easing out the fullness as you go. Make sure the fabric is tight on the mount, and centred.

Dollhouse needlepoint tutorial - press the back plate into the button



Press the back plate down hard to fix the fabric in position.


Dollhouse needlepoint tutorial - sand the wooden pieces



To complete the stool, first lightly sand the mahogany pieces.

Dollhouse needlepoint tutorial - apply glue to the bun feet



Then, using wood glue, fix the bun feet into position.


Dollhouse needlepoint tutorial - the feet glued into the base




Dollhouse needlepoint tutorial - apply wax with wire wool


Polish the stool with wax polish, applied with wire wool…

Dollhouse needlepoint tutorial - polish with a cloth

and buff to a shine with a soft cloth. Two coats will give a good colour. A ‘Mahogany Wax Wood Finishing Pack ‘ is available separately, if required.


Dollhouse needlepoint tutorial - the wax polished wooden base

Dollhouse needlepoint tutorial - spread glue on the backplate



Sparingly spread glue on the backplate…

Dollhouse needlepoint tutorial - press the finished button into the wooden base


…before placing the fabric-covered button in the wooden base to complete your footstool.



Go to the Needlepoint Kit Store now to choose from the large range of doll’s house footstool designs in stock.


Dollshouse embroidery footstool kit - "Anthea"



Dollshouse embroidery footstool kit - "Summer Roses"

“Summer Roses”


Dollshouse embroidery footstool kit - "Flower Ring (blue)"

“Flower Ring (blue)”