Clutch bag kits

A clutch bag held in the hand and 5 other bags

Do the dolls in your doll’s house have a handbag obsession?! Does your doll’s house need that ‘lived in’ look that can be created by placing personal belongings in the rooms? These miniature clutch bags could be just what you’re looking for.

They are quick to stitch, and easy to assemble. With six patterns to choose from, there is bound to be a suitable design for you to make, so that the dolls in your doll’s house have just the right bag for any occasion.

The miniature clutch bags are all to be stitched using tent stitch (like half cross stitch) on 40 count silk gauze. The kits contain Anchor stranded cotton, a generous piece of silk gauze, clear instructions, a suitable needle and a colour block chart to count the design from.
The clutch bags measure approximately 22mm x 14mm when completed, depending on the design.

There is a Free Online Tutorial showing exactly how to make and assemble one of these miniature clutch bags.

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