Annette J’s House

Annette is from Denmark and owns several dollhouses, which she has decorated to a very high standard.

Dollhouse needlepoint kits displayed in Annette's dollhouse in Denmark

In this parlour, you can see the Eleanor William Morris style carpet, with the Eleanor cushion on the chair to the right of the picture. You can also just see the Eleanor footstool peeping out from under the skirt of the doll on the left.

Dollhouse needlepoint carpet, footstool and cushion kits displayed in the servant's room




This pretty servant’s room features the Kate oval pink rug on the floor (with a matching footstool too), and on the bed to the right are several cushions in pink colourways – from the left are Kate oval pink, Lilian pink and Bella.

Summer Roses co-ordinating range of dollhouse needlepoint kits




This scene has several items from the Summer Roses co-ordinating range of dollhouse needlepoint kits – two Summer Roses cushions, a footstool, and the carpet which goes with these designs, which is called ‘Sarah’.

Picture of a dollhouse needlepoint round carpet "Bella" in the bathroom

I don’t often receive photos of my dollhouse needlepoint being displayed in dollhouse scale bathrooms, but this is a really good use of a round Bella carpet in an unusual setting!
Jessica Berlin woolwork style dollhouse needlepoint rug and two cushions



A busy sewing corner, with a Jessica Berlin woolwork style rug on the floor, an Elizabeth cushion (the pale green one) on one chair, and a Flora blue cushion (the blue one) on the other chair. I love the tiny cotton reels in this photo!

Home Sweet Home, miniature needlepoint sampler, by Janet Granger Designs

This is a good way to get even more stitching into your house, even when you think it is full up! The inside door of this dollhouse has space for a Home sweet home sampler (this particular design is no longer available, but a newer version is!), and two bellpulls – Cameo on the upper floor, and Daisy on the lower floor.

Dollhouse carpet kit Saskia and Snowy Village Christmas tree mat, from Janet Granger

This Swedish style room has a large carpet called Saskia as its central feature, with a Christmas tree mat Snowy Village in front of it.

Many dollhouse needlepoint kits from Janet Granger in this room

This room is teeming with dollhouse needlepoint! There is a Carole jade carpet in the foreground, with a Gwen cream carpet near the piano, and a Prudence cream carpet on the right at the back (only just visible!). The Tree of life motif has been stitched on the piano stool, chair pad and square cushion. There is also a Tree of life bellpull hanging to the left of the fireplace.

Picture of the hallway, with a Sophie dollhouse needlepoint cushion and footstool



The hallway has a Sophie cushion and footstool among its treasures.

Kits from the dollhouse needlepoint Barbara Green range - staircarpet, small rug and cushion



The ground floor hallway has Barbara (green) dollhouse needlepoint kits stitched beautifully – there is a staircarpet, small rug, and cushion in this room.

Shown here - Barbara Green bellpull



Also, to the left of the doorway leading off the hall, there is a Barbara green bellpull to complete the co-ordinated look.




Annette has been buying lots of kits from me for several years, but until now I had not seen what she has been doing with them!


Now I know!!





In early 2016, Annette sent some updates on the rooms in her doll’s houses. She fills them up with her stitching! There is so much to look at! Some of these rooms have been featured before, and some are new:

Here is Annette’s delicate pink-toned doll’s house bedroom, with the Kate oval (pink) carpet on the floor, the Kate (pink) round footstool at the feet of the servant doll, and the Kate (pink) square cushion on the bed (you can just see the Lilian (pink) cushion on the far right also). On the left in the doorway is the Larkspur needlework stand, stitched on 40 count silk gauze.


This next picture is an update on Annette’s sitting room decked out with the Summer Roses designs – if you compare this image with the one shown higher up this page, you can see that she has been busy adding several more Summer Roses pieces to this room. As well as the Sarah carpet, there are Summer Roses cushions, a bolster cushion, firescreen, tray cloth, placemat and round footstool. It really makes an impressive-looking room, doesn’t it?


I love this feminine sewing room. There’s a Strawberry Thief rectangular stool in the bottom left corner, and the Peacock sampler taking pride of place on the wall. Look at all the detail in this room! Don’t you just want to get in there and do some sewing?!


This formal drawing room has a Tree of Life rectangular stool in front of the piano, and a Tree of Life bellpull next to the fireplace. The piano stool stands on the small carpet Gwen (cream), and you can just catch a glimpse of the Prudence (cream) carpet on the far right. I love the little musical mice figurines lined up on the piano top!


This is an updated view of Annette’s dining room, giving a much clearer view of the Saskia carpet.



In this image, you can see the Barbara (green) footstool on the left, and the Barbara (green) large carpet, that the doll is partly standing on. She’s also wearing a very nifty knitted shawl, with what looks like tiny crocheted flowers on it.



This gorgeous room features several items from the Eleanor range – there’s a carpet, footstool, cushion and bolster cushion as well.