Margaret B’s Georgian House and Orangery


Margaret's Georgian house - interiorMargaret wrote and sent us these photos of her lovely dollshouse.


She said: “I had a go at taking some photos – tried to group the kits together in the appropriate rooms, I find it really rewarding to make something yourself instead of buying everything.


In the picture below, the maid works at the fireplace, beside a footstool with the “Sophie” design. On the wall beside the fireplace is a “Tansy” bellpull.

"Sophie" design footstool and, on the wall, a "Tabriz" bellpull

"Summer Roses" footstool, teacosy and traycloth

In the next room, on the right, Margaret has laid out three kits in the matching design “Summer Roses”: a footstool, teacosy and traycloth.





The perspective is misleading here! Even though they look quite big in the photo, they are really miniature embroidery! The teacosy is only just over an inch high.


"Judith" design bellpull, bolster cushion and footstool



Finally, this elegant room shows a set of three “Judith” kits – the bellpull on the wall, the bolster cushion on the chair and the footstool in front of it.

The Orangery

The Orangery at Margaret's Georgian dollhouse

Although her most recent project – a Georgian Orangery – is not a place where you would expect to find embroidery – Margaret managed it! The lady in the orangery has one of Janet’s miniature handbags on her arm (see picture below). Margaret says, “I never thought I would put a piece of sewing in it, but it looks great on the doll! This was my latest project – I could not resist it as I am a keen gardener.”

Inside the Orangery
“I really enjoyed doing the Orangery. I saw it on the Dolls House Builders website and could not resist it. It took 3,000 brickslips inside and out but with the rainy summer I really enjoyed sticking them on. Many years ago I saw pots of abutilons (with yellow flowers) with white busy lizzies planted on top in a National Trust Property, Dunham Massey, which I used to visit quite regularly when I lived in North Wales. When I saw the Orangery I remembered them and got Jan Southerton (‘The Flower Lady’) to make four on similar lines. They turned out really well, and I just need a few more things, especially the hanging baskets, to finish it off.”

Another masterpiece, Margaret!

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