What is “dollhouse scale”?


The standard scale for adult doll’s houses is 1:12, which means one inch to one foot. It is commonly called ‘one twelfth scale’. In this scale, a dolls house doll of a 5′ 6″ high adult stands about 5 ½ inches high (dolls of small children, as illustrated below, being smaller, of course! ).

Picture of dollshouse scale dolls and sewing tools with tape measure to indicate the size of the 12th scale items

Other Scales

1:24 scale, which is half an inch to one foot, is another doll’s house scale which is sometimes used for adult collectors’ houses – in this scale, a dolls house doll stands about 2 ¾ inches high. Children’s doll’s houses are usually made to 1:16 scale. The dolls for these houses are about 4 ¼ inches high.

All the Janet Granger Designs miniature needlepoint kits (available in our Needlepoint Kit Store) are designed to be used in one twelfth scale doll’s houses and miniature room settings.

For people who have miniature doll’s houses in scales other than 1:12, some of our designs are available as chart packs only (that is, without any fabric or threads in the pack), so that you can choose to work the design on a larger or smaller count of fabric than that normally included in the full kit, and then the resulting design will come out bigger or smaller than the twelfth scale version. We currently offer chart packs for the carpet, stair carpet and wallhanging designs. Click HERE to see what a chart pack includes.

Dollshouse embroidery carpet kits

“Judith” carpet

Dollhouse needlepoint staircarpet kits

“Carole (pastel)” staircarpet

Dollhouse needlepoint wallhanging kits

“Orange Tree” wallhanging