Joyce T ‘s House

Joyce's Georgian town house


This is Joyce’s Georgian town house.


"Yvonne" carpet in the library


In the library she has an “Yvonne” carpet in front of the fireplace.


She has taken a motif from the carpet to design a cushion for the armchair.

The picture below shows a nursery, with an “Alison (gold)” rug in front of the cot.

She has then designed an “ABC” rug, in similar colours.

On the wall is the “Hearts & Flowers” sampler.


Rugs on the floor and a sampler on the wall of the nursery

In the kitchen she’s stitched a “Willow Pattern” traycloth, for the tray on the table.

"Willow Pattern" traycloth in the tray on the table

This comfortable armchair on the landing has a “Summer Roses” cushion on it.
"Summer Roses" cushion on the armchair

In this room there is a “Sophie” matching set of stitched items: a carpet, two cushions and a bellpull.

"Sophie" carpet, cushions and bellpull
This gives the full view of Joyce’s lovely house.

Interior of Joyce's Georgian dollhouse