Chart packs: wallhangings

– buy just the design, so you can adapt it however you choose!

Chart packs are ideal if you already have a stash of threads and canvas/gauze of your own to use up, or if you like a particular design, but wish to work the design in different colours, or on a different count of fabric, to that offered in a kit.

The miniature wallhanging chart packs contain a large black-and-white symbol chart, to make it easier to alter the design’s colour scheme and/or size to suit your own requirements – you can colour in the squares as you go, if you prefer to work that way.

Please remember that there are NO MATERIALS (such as canvas, threads, etc.) in these packs. However, very comprehensive instructions are given about stitches used (with diagrams), the Anchor shade numbers used as in the full kit, and alternative colour numbers for DMC and Madeira.

We also supply canvas pieces.

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