Dining chair kits

Dining chairs in a dollhouse room

These miniature needlepoint dining chairs are such fun to make! They will turn your dining room into a beautifully co-ordinated scene of elegance and good taste. Of course, chairs such as these are needed in more rooms than just the doll’s house dining room! They would also look great in a miniature library, drawing room or bedroom, too.

The kits are to be worked on 32 count silk gauze, so fine detail can be achieved without a very tiny count of silk gauze being used. For a limited time, these chair kits are offered at a discount if you buy multiples of the same design. See below each featured design for the multi-buy options.
Each miniature needlepoint chair kit includes two distinct parts: a ‘stitching’ component, which comprises a piece of 32 count silk gauze, colour block chart, detailed instructions with diagrams, a needle and Anchor stranded cotton; and also a ‘wooden chair kit’ component comprising unvarnished pre-cut wooden parts, a foam pad for the chair seat and instructions for how to make this quality furniture kit. There are optional side arm pieces included in the kit, so that you can choose to make either a side chair or carver chair.
The finished dimensions are 1.9 inches W x 1.7 D x 3.25 H (48mm W x 42 D x 84 H).
If you already have a chair and just want to make the seat cover, each design is available as a ‘Seat Cover ONLY’ stitching kit (after the multiple kit options, for each design).
Not sure if you would be able to make one of these? Of course you can!
There is a Free Online Tutorial for the dining chair kits, which shows in detail how to stitch and assemble them.

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