Rectangular Stool kits

Rectangular stool in front of a piano
These rectangular stools will fit into so many places in your doll’s house, it will be difficult to just buy one! Place one by the dressing table in a lady’s bedroom, by the piano in the drawing room or by a window in a hallway – anywhere that will benefit by having a delicate piece of furniture, enhanced by the stitching on the top. The kit comprises a ‘stitching’ component, which contains a piece of 32 count silk gauze, colour block chart, detailed instructions with diagrams, a needle and Anchor stranded cotton. The kit also contains a ‘wooden stool’ component comprising pre-cut wooden parts, a foam pad for the stool top and instructions for how to make this quality furniture kit. The finished dimensions are 2.25inches W x 1.6 D x 1.6 H (56mm W x 40 D x 40 H).

For information about how to use the Packs, see the Wood Finishing Packs Tutorial.

There is a Free Online Tutorial for the Rectangular Stool kits, which shows in detail how to stitch and assemble them.

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