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Dollhouse room with bellpull, firescreen and carpet

Deborah N’s House

Deborah sent pictures showing her room with a bellpull and firescreen in the Summer Roses design, and a magnificent big carpet which she created by adapting the “Carole (pastel)” design. Deborah wrote: “My house “lives” in the wardrobe and following some post-Xmas DIY, it’s not been accessible to photograph until now.” Having asked me if […]


Rikke K’s tiny cushions

Rikke sent me a lovely photo of the cushions that she made in half scale (1/24th scale), and one in 1/12 scale for comparison. She made the larger cushion for her daughter’s dolls house, and the smaller ones for her own 1/24 scale house. Her daughter is six years old, and chose the ‘Flower ring pink’ cushion kit […]


Margaret B’s Chester Shops

  Following Margaret’s Georgian dollshouse, then her Tudor dollshouse, she has created this amazing collection of shops in one big house. She said: “The new house is the Chester shops from the Dolls House Builder. I was born near Chester and used to frequently shop on the Chester “Rows” before I moved to South Wales. […]


Elizabeth A’s “Isobel” carpet

Elizabeth emailed me and asked if there was a way to enlarge the Isobel carpet kit design for her doll’s house, as her rooms are large. Rather than just try to explain how she could do it herself, I thought that this design should be quite a quick one for me to alter, so I […]


Heide’s House

  Heide, from Germany, was one of my first customers, and bought from me for many years. She was a prolific stitcher, and owned several beautiful doll’s houses. I first met Heide at the Alexandra Palace Doll’s House Fair, around 1998. She told me about the designs of mine that she had stitched, and said […]


Dominique’s House

Dominique G lives in France, and has made up two of my kits in a typically French style.     The Summer Roses dining chair kit has been stitched up as per the kit, but the chair itself has been finished in a ‘shabby chic’ painted and distressed finish (rather than giving it a varnished […]


Margaret B’s Georgian House and Orangery

  Margaret wrote and sent us these photos of her lovely dollshouse.   She said: “I had a go at taking some photos – tried to group the kits together in the appropriate rooms, I find it really rewarding to make something yourself instead of buying everything.”   In the picture below, the maid works […]


Margaret B’s Tudor House

  Two years after Margaret sent us photos of her lovely Georgian dollshouse – she sent us pictures of her Tudor dollshouse!   She said: “Things have moved on and I have done a Tudor House which I brought forward to Victorian times to give me more scope (with an Antique Shop on the ground floor). I […]


Sara W’s House

  Sara’s Georgian style doll’s house is from Anglesey Doll’s Houses, but made to custom measurements, as the house she really liked from their standard range wouldn’t fit in her house!     It is wonderfully furnished, and contains many old pieces of doll’s house furniture and accessories.   The nursery features a Carole pastel […]


Gordon R’s House

Gordon R owns this marvellous Sid Cooke “Jubilee House”.       Inside, the finished house is very full.     Gordon stitched the carpets in the house himself – in the library is this “Lilian” carpet (in a colourway that is no longer available, although a pinker version still is).         […]