Customers’ Comments

Things our customers have written to say:

Photo from a customer, showing a room with several needlpoint items in the design: Barbara Green

More pictures like this can be seen in our Customers Stitching page.

Here are some of the comments I have received from customers of my dollhouse needlepoint kits – some sent by post, some received by email. I appreciate all of them; I never take success for granted! Both my husband and I (oh dear, I sound like the Queen!) always try very hard to give the kind of customer service that we would like to experience ourselves, and if we ever fail in that (and sometimes we do, as we are only human), we try to make amends as soon as possible. As these comments testify, we seem to be hitting the mark more often than not.

“Thank you so much for checking with me about my order. What great customer service you have. I am so impressed with your whole business… great website, great book, beautiful products and awesome customer service…you have a lifetime customer in me!! Thank you so very very much!” TF, USA

“Good morning from Helsinki, Finland. I want to thank you for your excellent customer service. I placed my order on the web on Saturday and yesterday (Thursday) I picked my parcel from the post Office!! I can’t wait to get started stitching all the beautiful designs you have created. Thank you very much!” A-L S, Finland.

“Thank you Janet, for giving me so much pleasure in working your kits. I’ve done various samplers, the flora and Patricia footstools, the Summer roses bellpull, also the Cameo bellpull. Also I’ve worked three staircarpets of Barbara green. Just finished Sarah carpet – it looks absolutely stunning. So thanks again for all the pleasure you have given me. I look forward to receiving my May carpet and new catalogue.” AL

“I’ve been on your email list for a couple of years now, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your charts and kits. I bought your book when it first appeared on Canadian shelves, and have stitched a couple of carpets from it. Thanks for all the pleasure you have given me – and my grand-daughter, who looked at the book and decided she wants one of each! I am now teaching her to stitch (she is 8 years old), and have promised she will inherit both the book and my list of websites.” KG, Canada

“I loved the bellpull kit I received last week – can’t wait to get on with the next ones.” DN

“I was delighted with the parcel from you, which arrived some days ago, now! Thank you so much for all the trouble you went to for me. The blue shade is exactly what I had in mind, and I’m very pleased to have the extra canvas. Thank you very much indeed, I am so grateful for your help.” B B-B

“I am currently stitching a ‘May’ carpet design of yours, and I’m loving every minute of it. Please could you send me a copy of your catalogue (cheque enclosed) – spotted your advert in Dolls House World.” KG

“Wow! Your designs are great. I got Jane Greenoff’s magazine [with our article in]. Thank goodness I subscribe, or I might have missed it.” EW

“Your products are stunningly beautiful!” ML

“I was so very thrilled to receive at the end of October the ‘Orange Tree’ wallhanging – thank you very much – a great delight to do.” DS

“I have worked four of your carpets, and found them not only such fun but so rewarding. ‘Elizabeth’ is now framed and in Amsterdam with my grand-daughter, the others are all framed and hanging in my home.” JB

“I am making a staircarpet from one of your kits, I also have your book on rugs and I am really delighted with your designs and products.” MW

“I love your designs – they are so varied. Love your website, too – pictures are great.” GU, Canada

“Thank you for sending me the samples of fabrics used for your needlepoint kits. It is very interesting to know what the various counts of canvas look and feel like. As a rule I am not that keen on working on bigger count canvas, they are usually so stiff and difficult to handle. The samples you sent are much softer, and, I would imagine, quite a pleasure to use. Your designs are so pretty I cannot wait to have a go at stitching them. The doll kit I bought at the show will have to wait until the carpet, cushion, etc. are made up.” CC

“‘Patricia’ was the first carpet I made for my doll’s house. I was so thrilled with it. This year I made a doll’s house for my niece who lives in North Wales. Not having time to make the carpets , I reluctantly passed on my precious eight carpets to go in her house. Now I’m all set to replace them!” LM

“How beautifully presented the package is! Keep up the good work.” MM

“At present I am doing the ‘Strawberry Thief’ needlework stand kit. It is such a beautiful piece to go in my daughter’s doll’s house. Your designs are simply perfect both to do and for the end result. I am sure they will be treasured by my daughter and become family heirlooms.” JEH

“I spoke with a very helpful gentleman [that’s Chris, my husband!] this morning concerning my needlework stand. I would like to thank both of you for being so helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed stitching my ‘Patricia’ cushion and the matching footstool, and also the needlework stand.” JRF

“Having ordered and completed the ‘Patricia’ carpet and enjoyed every minute of doing it, being my first time I found it very easy to follow and it looks great in my dolls house. For Christmas I received the ‘Strawberry Thief’ needlework stand which was completed in days! And I’m just as pleased with it. Now the time has come my fingers are twitching – I would like to do the ‘Elizabeth’ carpet now.” VC

“Many a day have I carried your catalogue around with me, read it in the office, on the bus and last thing at night – continuously asking myself SHALL I? SHAN’T I? Although the answer was, of course, quite clear: how could I NOT order the Cluny Merchant and a needlework stand? Thank you once again for the hours and hours of pleasure your exquisite designs have given me this year.” ZA

“I just had to write and tell you how much I am enjoying making up the kits I bought from you at the Creative Stitches Show. Up to now, I’ve only done a sampler, cushion and two footstools, and still have a carpet and wallhanging to do. The pieces I have finished are already in pride of place in my dollshouse. I thought you would like to know how glad I am you were at the show!” PT

“I am delighted with the ‘Cluny Women’ kit which arrived on Friday, and am glad that the chart is in colour and not hieroglyphics – very much more pleasant to work from.” MB

“I can’t resist the pleasure of having a carpet ‘on the go’ most of the time. I worked ‘Elizabeth’ a year or so ago, and I’m delighted with it; what a lovely design!” JH

“I have just finished ‘Rosanna’, which is the first carpet I’ve ever attempted, and I’m absolutely delighted with it. Your designs are by far some of the best I’ve come across. I can’t wait to get started on ‘Lilian’ now!” KS

“The designs are lovely, and much more imaginative than usual – I don’t know where to start!” SW

“Having viewed all your incredibly beautiful and astounding variety of kits available, I finally had to come to a decision on what to order. Having received my order last week, I can now honestly say that each and every article simply left me flabbergasted with amazement! Where to start? Which one to do first? And then, WOW, will I be able to do the intricate stitching. Having purchased a magnifying glass that hangs around your neck, I knew that I made one of the best hobby investments ever as it made everything so easy! Thank you so much for your wide selection of kits and it comes so clearly instructed and packed. I simply love it.” SE

And from the same customer:
“Re using my comments on your testimonial page, please feel free to go ahead and use it as I am so chuffed with your products, the rest of the miniature embroidery / cross stitch world needs to know about this (too good a secret to hide ;-} )” SE

“In fact, these are not the first kits of yours I have sewn. I must have done about 6 or 7 now – and always found them a lovely kit to use. I have also got your carpet book and like that too.

Whilst I can sew on silk gauze – some of the higher counts I cannot do without a magnifier/lamp. One of the things that I like about your kits is that you can literally take them anywhere – many is the time that I’ve stitched away the journey or merrily filled-in the boring bits on highlight/perm days, etc.

In fact, someone I know had her first go at miniature sewing using one of your cushion kits – and the delight on her face when she, an absolute beginner, proudly showed me her finished project spoke for itself.

So, perhaps I should have bought a kit for my 75 year old Mum!” AG