Our Youngest Stitcher?

Two and a half year old little girl stitching a dollhouse needlepoint carpet
Our youngest stitcher?
The carpet she is stitching is Prudence (cream)

This has got to be my youngest ever stitcher!!

This picture was taken when she was only two and a half. Isn’t she cute?

And she’s not just posing for the camera, either. Her Mum says, “She did put in some stitches – mostly with assistance from me, but she was and still is very determined to do it all herself”.

Little girl clutching her quilting rosette

This little girl has since developed her interest in needlepoint and all types of sewing to the point where, at only four years old, she won her first quilt contest “Best Wee Quilter”.

Her Mum later told me, “She is now five, and her needle skills continue to improve”.


Little girl sitting doing bobbin lace


In early 2011, age 7, she learns bobbin lace making

October 2012 update:

“Yes, I’m afraid that she is still doing crafts – bobbin lace, knitting, beading, embroidery, weaving, needle felting – I wonder where she gets it from????? She is nine now, and all of a sudden this summer her skills at everything took off. She attends knitting night with me, and seems to be keeping up with all the new knitters.”

“I have attached a photo of her at Lace Camp in July on Manitoulin Island (where 50 lacers have met every summer for the past 20 years)” (below, left):

Girl sitting doing bobbin lace with beads - 1

Girl sitting doing bobbin lace with beads - 2

Wondering what she’s doing? Just look at how complicated that is – bobbin lace WITH BEADS!

Girl sitting doing bobbin lace with beads - close-up